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The Story of Anina Toskani

Are you excited to know who the redhaired child is? Frog – the little green one, I found in Frankfurt during the Bookfair 2017 – already asked me too about this. He always likes to know everything in detail.

The redhaired child with the sunflower derives from the paintings of Emil Nolde, a famous German painter. Some day during the last years Anina Toskani came to start painting because an inner voice told her to do so. She discovered Nolde with his lively colours and fell in love with his paintings. Passionately she began to copy him…

But, the redhaired child resisted her effort and the more animated and sparkling the colours came out, the more headstrong the redhaired child became. It did not look like Nolde’s shy little girl, standing at Nolde’s garden wicket in Seebüll. All visitors say, that this girl resembles more Anina Toskani…

Queen Mum Deli, my mother, was the youngest of six. When Deli and her twinsister Tinni were born on grandma’s farm near Koeln, the whole village whispered that at the farm on the hill, silver and gold arrived, because Tinni was silvery blond with blue eyes and Deli, the youngest one had some redgolden curls and green eyes. Grandpa felt shocked because he could not find out from where red hair in his family came and asked if Deli’s hair could be coloured differently. Grandma shook her head. A few months later, Grandpa threatened the twin’s nurse not to cut
off one hair and keep all scissors away from Deli’s red curls.

At the beginning of the second world war, when Deli was 17, she used to walk every day some miles to reach the bus stop in the next village where she took the bus to go to the dressmaker’s shop at Koeln where she worked. A very young soldier, lying in the fields was peering through his field glass, observing her intensely because he liked her beautiful long red hair, clinged together like a banana on the back of her head.

After some days he dared to greet her and ask her for a date…

Bertl, as Deli used to call him, became my father. World War II separated the young couple. When Bertl came back from American prisonership, both married in the chapel inside of the Cathedral of Koeln. There, the little daughter, born to them with read hair, was baptized later…

My Books

ISBN 978-3746931555

Braco, the spirit healer, with the magical look, first came across the internet. In search of help for Queen Mum Deli, who was listening to the Alzheimer’s demons on the green velor couch, whispering – “Get lost, you must die!” I surfed the internet at night and found Braco. I just stuck to his face and spent hours watching his videos. The white light that flowed to me consoles me and gave me energy. So I went on researching who is Braco and finally took Queen Mum Deli to Zagreb on the Srebrnjak 1. What happened to small and bigger wonders, you, dear visitor, can now read in my book …

My opera voice was silent, but inside a voice whispered: “Paint, paint, paint!” “Do not lift any talent!” She did not give up until I started to paint – naked, on the balcony, cross-legged, lovingly soaked by the sun, with brushes, spatulas, hands & fingernails. Self-forgetting, I sank into the ocean of inner silence. In the meantime, Queen Mum Deli was sitting on the old, green velor couch, like a cabman hunched over, staring inward. She heard the Alzheimer’s demons threatening “You have to die! Kill you! Now!”
Anina Toskani lets the reader share in the dramatic events surrounding her mother Deli. Desperately, mother and daughter fight against the Alzheimer’s demons. All help from the outside fail – nursing service, doctors, cleaning lady and friends throw in the towel. Suddenly Anina comes across Braco, the healer from Zagreb. Intrigued by his “magnetic look”, she senses that something helps where human resources fail.
Completely in the end with the Latin, Anina pleads to heaven for salvation and asks for help in meetings with Braco’s magical look. Eventually she manages to fly to Zagreb at Braco’s sanatorium with Deli, who is over 90. At Srebrnjak 1, the turning point begins in the lives of the two, because from then on there are nothing but signs and wonders!
What the two heroines encounter on the way – Braco’s magical gaze, Mr. Bear from Colorado, who falls in love with Thailand, Couchsurfer Edilson from Brazil, who travels to the Adriatic to Braco, the physics student from Egypt and belated first love, the Indian guru between Shaktipad and sex, Father Pio with his rosary in Rome and the laughter of the Holy Ghost all the way to Deli’s farewell to the afterlife – all that is heartbreakingly honest and thrilling as a thriller tells, in the autobiographical novel – THE END OF THE SONG.

ISBN 978-385022530-4

Anina Toskani has been writing since childhood. The native of Cologne has made a name for herself as a musicologist with specialized literature on singing. 2007 comes the ‘singer ABC Belcanto – everyone can sing!’ out. She has been a happy Wahlmünchnerin for a long time. When her partner from Colorado, Mr. Bär, finds some texts on the computer, he asks politely if he is allowed to read them. You nod and say, “Yes, of course, all the old stuff of yore! Stories, poems, aphorisms … Mr. Bear, the man with the wild cowboy hat in the wild west, delves into it and is thrilled. first in the author, then in the stories. “You have to publish that!” he says.
She struggles, because she is already planning an autobiographical novel – The Secret of the Black Cat. And fate plays a companion for her. Searching for the name of the mystical black cat that appears at Odeonsplatz in front of the Feldherrnhalle and then disappears into a nearby café, the author is led to Maureen Achatz, a young mother of two boys who paints pictures at home and shortly after that Illustrated book. This way the reader will find a picture for each story.


Many people do not suspect what is behind Alzheimer’s.
Dementia does not just affect the brain …