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Braco – little Brother, great Angel

Braco’s Gaze and Deli’s Alzheimers’ Demons

Anina Toskani tells us the true Story of the dramatic experiences with her mother Deli who believes she should kill herself. Since that Operation under narcosis a damned earworm has appeared in Deli’s head. Desperately fighting the Alzheimers’ Demons on the old green velour Couch in the livingroom, Anina is more and more socially isolated. Every support becomes destroyed by these invisible malicious aggressive demons: after one week the nursing service went on strike, the cleaning women said Good Bye, the doctor, the psychiatrist and the ambulance cannot help. Anina is driven into Burnout, catches a lung disease and looses weight daily. Then she looses her hope and last but not least her job…. Mr. Bear comes running to help, but he will not stay. Anina Toskani researches online everything useful. There she discovers Braco’s gaze! The healer from Zagreb with his fascinating gaze gives her the Impression that there is help where human means fail. The Demons still try to destroy not only Deli’s life but also that of her daughter. They grin behind their back. It is like black magic. At the end the author can do nothing but beseech heaven for help and experience Braco’s gaze as often as possible. Finally Deli accepts to visit Zagreb and Braco together with her daughter. From this moment on divine signs and miracles happen…

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Anina  Toskani
writes since her childhood. Born in Cologne and living a passionate life in Munich the musicologist made herself known as an author of books about Belcanto Singing. During the time she cares for her mother Deli, suffering from Alzheimers’, she is driven into a Crisis. Desperately looking for solutions, her destiny offers her a contact with magic powers, supernatural helpers and amazing people. Astonishing insights About her Soul come to the Surface. About Alzheimers’ Demons, Braco’s magic gaze, Burnout, couchsurfing, Healers, Gurus, Fascination, Hypnosis, Jesus Christ, Father Pio and the laughter of the Holy Spirit Anina Toskani tells her exciting Story in the book – Braco, Little Brother, Great Angel – and in her novel – the End of the Song.

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Many people do not know what is hidden behind Alzheimers’s Disease. Dementia is not related only to the brain…

– Anina Toskani

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